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пл. Строителей, 3А

г. Череповец, Вологодская область, Индустриальный area.
Printing services, Souvenirs and gifts, Inquiry and information services, Handbooks
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Cash register machines and accessories, Temporary repair and maintenance, Equipment for gas filling stations and oil depot
phone: +7 (8202) 57-06- Посмотреть все контакты
Photocopy paper, Office furniture, Safes, Office equipment supplies, Stationery
phone: +7 (8202) 30-19- Посмотреть все контакты
Installation of a septic tank, Water cleaning equipment, Installation of heating and water supply systems, Engineering systems designing
phone: +7 (8202) 52-69- Посмотреть все контакты
Heating and water supply systems, Installation of heating and water supply systems
phone: +7 (8202) 57-87- Посмотреть все контакты

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